Winnie Page and the Dirt Band set to ‘melt faces’ at House Cafe Monday

Tim Ashton

Dress up for Halloween and get ready to funk, because Winnie Page and The Dirt Band are playing at 8 p.m. Monday as the featured open mic artist at the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

This free performance will serve as the release show for their new album, Dirt!. The Dirt Band’s energetic funk ambiance grooves well with its raunchy lyrics.

Winnie Page and The Dirt Band consists of James “Winnie” Page, senior vocal performance major; Pat Buckley, senior Spanish translation and business major; Lane Parsons, junior percussion performance major; and Pat Connolly, jazz guitar graduate student.

Their last performance was in August at the Camp Kind Music and Arts Festival. Their short hiatus hasn’t slowed the dirtiness, however.

“Everyone should wear no panties, because they’re gonna be melted, and faces will be melted, as well,” Page said.

This will be the second annual Halloween open mic show to feature Winnie Page and The Dirt Band. To set the mood of a sex cave, the band (and former member Derek Stevens, junior visual communications major) have prepared several enormous foam sculptures that somewhat resemble stalactites. As with last year’s performance, Page will be dressing in drag and performing the song Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dirt! has been in the works as long as the band has existed—since 2010. Dirt will be on sale for $5 per copy. Dirt was produced at the Schaumburg Illinois Institute of Art’s recording studio with the assistance of rapper Deem of Awthinik Entertainment.

Band members Page and Buckley both describe the Dirt Band’s sound as akin to Frank Zappa’s. The content of the songs’ lyrics generally focuses on taboo subjects and have a strong links to comedy. All songs are written by Page and relate to his interests—primarily rock, funk, skateboarding and women.

The show will feature Dirt Band songs both old and new, from the classic Choir Girls to newer songs like If I Was A Girl. This show will mark the departure of percussionist Parsons, who will be leaving shortly to join a band in Colorado. Because of this, there will be extra emphasis on drum sequences and techniques, and the show will be audio- and video-recorded.