Mac Miller brings the noise to the Convo

Olivia Rajska

“DeKalb, are you ready for 100 percent chaos?” said Mac Miller, also known as Malcolm McCormick, who got the crowd wild at the NIU Convocation Center Saturday.

Although there was not a full house at the Macadelic Tour, the house sure kept it alive with a variety of ages from college to high school students.

The students sported plenty of “thumbs up” Miller T-shirts, snapback hats, crop tops, neon colors and shades to rock the Mac Miller look.

“I’m looking forward to not one, but all of his songs,” said junior physical therapy major Josh Schlueter. On a scale of one to 10, Schlueter said he was a 12 on excitement for his first concert.

Both new and old Mac Miller fans were ready for a fun night to start.

Sophomore economics major Cody Wieser has been a fan of Miller since his August 2010 album, K.I.D.S.

“This is my first time seeing Mac Miller in concert, and I’m looking forward to his hit, Aliens Fighting Robots,” Wieser said.

With opening acts by YG and Travis Porter, the crowd danced to the rap artists and got pumped for Mac Miller’s arrival. After a good few hours of waiting, the anticipation of the fans exploded with chants of, “We want Mac.”

Mac Miller finally arrived on stage to the tune of the National Anthem with shining lights of red, white and blue. He was sporting a jacket, bucket hat, du-rag and sunglasses. Miller interacted with the crowd the whole night and had the audience sing along to his hip hop beats.

With performances of hit singles, Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza, Frick Park Market and Missed Calls, the crowd danced to the beats with their hands in the air.

“If you’re having a good time, then put your hands up high,” Miller said throughout the night.

Each of the songs had catchy videos to go along with Miller’s performance and made the audience all the more excited for each song to start.

When the night was coming to an end, Miller seemed to want to save the best song for last.

“This night doesn’t end properly unless we end it with Donald Trump,” he told the crowd.

Listening to all the Mac Miller songs, this is by far my favorite. Considering almost everyone knew the lyrics, I would say the crowd seemed to agree.

Even though the opening act was pretty uninteresting to me, the arrival of Mac Miller was worth the wait. I was introduced to most of his hits and enjoyed the fact that he kept the audience excited and dancing on their feet the whole night. Miller definitely brought the chaos to DeKalb, and fans are looking forward to another “Macadelic” time.