Recreation Center dress code changes


Freshman biology major Vanessa Gonzalez runs on a treadmill at the NIU Recreation Center in April.

By Ryan Griesmeyer

Students can now wear sleeveless shirts in certain areas at the Campus Recreation Center.

The new policy states full-back shirts with sleeves are still required in the cardio, weight, deadlift and plyometric rooms, said Recreation Services Coordinator Chrissy Tluczek, in an email.

“We require, at minimum, shirts that cover the chest, abdomen and side in the multipurpose courts, activity rooms, racquetball courts, the track and the multipurpose area of the [Chick Evans Field House],” Tluczek said. “This allows for sleeveless shirts to be worn in these areas.”

Katrina Siebert, junior pre-physical therapy major, said she does not think the new changes to the policy are for the better.

“Honestly, I think it is important to wear T-shirts,” Siebert said. “Less bacteria can hit your skin that way and cause less people to get sick or catch things.”

Tluczek said it was determined that requiring sleeves in activity areas like courts was overly cautious and hindered customers.

“The exact language of our policies has been adapted and is identical to numerous institutions throughout the country,” Tluczek said.

Senior business major John Rago said he found out about the new rules from a few people over the summer. He said it was nice to be able to play basketball in cutoff shirts.

“But I still think we should be able to work out in them,” Rago said.

A sleeve policy for the Recreation Center and Field house was approved in 2010. The policy required students to wear T-shirts in all areas of the facilities. The rule was put into place to reduce skin contact with equipment and prevent the spread of sickness.

Tluczek said she spoke to many students were dissatisfied with the 2010 sleeve policy.

“However, with time, I believe our students became more receptive,” Tluczek said. “Especially because it became habit to wear a T-shirt.”