NIU alum praises Star on rape awareness

By Letter to the editor

Thank you, Northern Star, for raising rape awareness. I am a victim of being raped at Illinois State when I attended there my first semester of freshman year. I was at a fraternity party where I was given too much alcohol and three former friends raped me in the back of the party.

I was traumatized but decided once I attended NIU, I would make a difference. I taught UNIV 201 for two semesters and specifically taught a class on rape. Thanks to Angela in Health Enhancement for giving statistics, I feel like I have made a difference to prevent it. Although I can never take it back, I have become more empowered and can look toward the future and my upcoming wedding.

To all those who were raped or sexually assaulted, you are not alone and, most importantly, it wasn’t your fault.

Megan Reinie

NIU alumna