Northern Television Center hosts ‘Anchor Night’

By Lauren Dielman

Students got the chance to go behind the scenes of broadcast journalism during Anchor Night at the Northern Television Center (NTC) Monday.

Allen May, general manager of broadcast news at NTC, and Jorge Rodas, junior journalism major, began the night by showing attendees a mock broadcast.

“It’s about not taking your eye off the ball and developing a great sense of timing,” May said.

A sense of timing can come in handy when something goes wrong unexpectedly, said May.

“At all times, you have to look like you are unfazed by anything going wrong,” May said. “And it happens more often than you’d think.”

Usually the broadcasting room has three cameras. Most broadcasting actors wear an IFB, a communication device in their ear, when they are on air. The IFB allows people working behind the scenes to give broadcasting actors information on air.

Jen Corvino , news director and electronic news gathering instructor, works behind the scenes.

“I love being in the background with camera shots and transitions,” Corvino said. “I switch between the cameras and roll the videos.”

Since NTC News Tonight is not live, Corvino fixes any technology glitches before the broadcast airs.

Rodas said although he used to get nervous before going on air, he doesn’t get as nervous anymore.

May said he loves to see students he taught in class go on to professional jobs in broadcast journalism.

Marcus Leshock of WGN-TV and Anna Werner, a correspondent for CBS, were two of May’s students.

“When I look at them, I realize they have grown so much past the student experience,” May said. “They’re always giving me something new to smile about.”

Corvino said she encourages everyone to attend Anchor Night.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to get together and do what we love,” Corvino said.

Rodas said this Anchor Night was different than anything done in the past because there was pizza and a showing of Anchorman.