mCapital to provide representation for DeKalb at federal level

Third Ward Alderwoman Kristen Lash voted against a recent measure to hire mCapital, a federal lobbying firm, to represent DeKalb in Washington, D.C.

By Jordan Birchfield

DeKalb City Council hopes a federal lobbying firm will bring help big money to DeKalb.

The decision was made to hire mCapital during a city council meeting last month.

DeKalb Mayor Kris Povlsen said that the city approved $88,000 to try to bring federal funding to DeKalb for infrastructure projects.

Povlsen said there is less government money being guaranteed for projects in cities like DeKalb in legislation that is passed in Washington, and lobbyists are needed to fill that gap.

“We need representation in Washington that can look out for us,” Povlsen said. “DeKalb has used lobbyists before. The funding for the DeKalb Airport was made possible through the lobbying group Daley Policy.”

Povlsen said the council chose the company they thought was most able to help the city.

“mCapital is the best company for the securing funding for DeKalb,” Povlsen said.

Second Ward Alderman Tom Teresinski said he voted in favor of hiring mCapital.

“It is good to have a firm like mCapital representing DeKalb. Federal money is needed to help fund much needed infrastructure,” Teresinski said.

mCapital will only represent DeKalb in Washington DC – not in Springfield, said 3rd Ward Alderwoman Kristen Lash.

Lash voted against the measure to hire mCapital.

“I voted against it because the cities old lobbying firm, Daley Policy, lobbied on both the state and federal level for only $72,000 a year,” Lash said.

Lash said the city of DeKalb is paying $66,000 a year for mCapital, which only will lobby on a federal level.