Bus route changes could inconvenience students


As of November 7 the route 7 Huskie Bus will no longer stop at the American National Bank on the corner of Bethany Road and DeKalb Avenue.

By Felix Sarver

Not everyone is satisfied with recent changes to the Huskie Bus Line.

As of Nov. 7, route seven no longer passes through the parking lot of Lowe’s on Sycamore Road and no longer stops by the American National Bank at the corner of Bethany Road and DeKalb Avenue, a representative from Huskie Bus Line service said. These changes are permanent.

John Zingale, a bus driver for route seven, said the changes to the stop by the American National Bank have done more harm than good.

Many passengers have been inconvenienced, Zingale said.

“At least 15 to 20 people, I’d say half of them students, that work at McDonald’s, that work at Menards [have been inconvenienced]” Zingale said.

Passengers must now walk across Bethany Road to the bank, which is dangerous, Zingale said. Zingale said the drivers in Sycamore and DeKalb are sometimes more dangerous than downtown Chicago. Passengers also have the option to take the TransVAC Green Line bus and Blue Line bus which stops by the bank and are more costly to non-student passengers, Zingale said.

According to the TransVAC Green Line Bus Service website, a ride costs 50 cents and children under 5 ride for free.

Josh Venaas, director of mass transit for the Student Association, said the change to route seven was requested by the American National Bank.

Beth Willey, chief marketing officer for American National Bank, said the request to the route was made because the bank was worried about the safety of the people both on and off the bus. Bethany Road seemed like a dangerous street and the bank was worried about the possibility of an accident, Willey said.

Willey said she did not know of any accidents that occurred on that corner. Zingale said in the nearly five years he has driven the route, he has seen only a single car accident occur on that corner.

According to the Sycamore Police Department website, a car accident occurred on the corner of Bethany Road and DeKalb Avenue on Aug. 1.