Rock, paper, scissors champ thinks one step ahead


Jerry Burnes | Northern Star Graduate student Bobby Saghafi throws down “scissors” during a rock, paper, scissors tournament Wednesday night at the NIU Rec Center.

By Alex Fiore

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

That phrase could be heard echoing the halls of the Campus Recreation Center Wednesday night during Recreation Services ‘ first ever Rock, Paper, Scissors contest.

Twelve people participated in the single-elimination tournament, and each one had their own personal strategy.

“I’m going with ‘the avalanche,'” said senior accounting major Ilya Goldman. “That’s where you throw rock three times in a row.”

Chris Davis, senior business administration major, tried to intimidate his opponents by wearing an eye patch.

“It’s all about focus,” he said. “I need that laser eye.”

Davis lost in the second round of the tournament, after falling prey to ‘the avalanche.’

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Davis said. “I threw scissors; it worked on my last opponent.”

Goldman elected to wear training gloves while playing.

“You’ve got to keep the wrists safe, keep the muscles loose; you don’t want to hurt yourself,” he said.

Dan Raz, senior business administration major, had to sit out the tournament due to a pre-existing injury.

“A wrist injury put me on the DL,” he said.

Eventual champion Daniel Toon, freshman mechanical engineering major, took a more straightforward approach.

“I’m going to try throwing one thing out, see what works,” he said. “I’ve got to think one step ahead.”

Graduate student Bobby Saghafi said he entered the tournament simply for enjoyment.

“I just wanted to have fun and be with my friends,” he said. “But I’m still going for the gold.”

Saghafi fell in the second round, and Toon took the title after out-shooting his opponent 4-1 in the final match.

Toon relished in his victory after the match.

“I’m feeling happiness and excitement,” he said.

“Basically all emotions associated with winning.”

Graduate student David Wiley, who refereed the tournament, said he hopes it will grow in the future.

“It’s all about getting involved on campus; it’s all about having fun,” Wiley said. “We want it to blossom on campus.”