NIU Dorm Life: Living in Lincoln

By Leah Spagnoli

DeKALB | With room self selection underway, the Northern Star will be looking at what each residence hall has to offer. Check out the next several issues to read about what hall will fit you best.

Lincoln Hall is located on Lucinda Avenue across from the recreation center and Douglas Hall.

Lincoln Hall has three LLC’s to offer to the 921 students capable of living there. Business Careers House, Health Professions House, and Teacher Education and Certification House [TEACH]. In addition to those LLC’s, Lincoln offers two dining amenities, Lincoln À La Carte and Lincoln Late-Night Dining.

The residence hall also offers a computer lab, wireless network in all floor lounges, two laundry rooms, tutoring center, and an English classroom. In nicer weather there are volleyball courts on the west side of the hall. Also, newly opened during the fall semester is the newly renovated game room. The room includes a big screen television, a pool table, and a foosball table.

The Business Careers House is located in the B wing of Lincoln and takes up four of the five floors in the wing.

“We only have the first four floors this year, but traditionally we have had all five floors,” said Bradley McDonald, the faculty advisor for the Business house.

This house has a greater awareness of business topics and provides for interaction between residents and faculty members, according to information provided by Kate Schaab, interim assistant director for Marketing & Public Relations for Housing & Dining.

Students living in the house are welcome to participate in the “Dine & Discuss” series. This allows students to meet with faculty members and get a sense of what their future career could look like.

To live in the business careers house students must be business majors, be in the upper 50 percent of their graduating class and participate in two professional events each semester.

The Health Professionals House is in the D wing of Lincoln hall and takes up all five floors provided. The house allows students interested in health and health service related careers to live together and participate in professional development opportunities, programs, special events, service projects, and social activities. These students have the opportunity to meet and form relationships with other health and health-service related majors and faculty members.

Students living in the health house must be in nursing, physical therapy, allied health professions, communicative disorders, pre-medicine, dietetics, or other health related areas.

The TEACH House is located in the C wing of Lincoln Hall and occupies four of the five floors allotted. These four floors house students pursuing any area of teacher certification. The teach house is designed to bring together faculty members with teacher certification and education majors.

“Living in Lincoln is fun,” said Ruben Miranda, freshman special education major. “Especially in the teach house. There are so many people with similar majors and class schedules on my floor.” Students living in the house are required to attend three professional development programs each semester.

Students living in the teach house must have a declared major in an area of teacher preparation and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Staff Writer Allyson Martin contributed to this article.