Editorial board to analyze NIU challenges

By Editorial Board

The NIU community has been through many grievous events in the past several years: the Feb. 14 shootings, a student shot outside the Stevenson residence halls, several separate incidents of firearm use in neighborhoods near campus and now a missing student-turned homicide investigation.

When considered separately, these incidents aren’t necessarily unique. When lined up sequentially, however, it appears NIU is spiraling into a dangerous place and is becoming a university that isn’t at the top of any high schooler’s college visit schedule. Whether these perceptions are accurate is open to debate, but the fact that these incidents are tarnishing NIU’s image is very real.

The Northern Star Editorial Board has had many discussions regarding the implications of these incidents as well as the forces behind such behavior. We will publish a series of editorials that focus on the different facets of the issue, including enrollment challenges, real and perceived safety problems in the community and the general apathetic attitude of NIU students. We hope to cultivate a discussion with NIU officials, faculty members, students and parents, as well as DeKalb community members who have a stake in the success of the university. We invite readers to respond with letters, online comments or come to our office to talk with members of the editorial board. As students who aim to leave NIU with degrees, we acknowledge the need for this university to remain a member of the competitive collegiate field.