Not just average

As many of you know, my name is JoAnn Hubbard and I am a server at Stevenson South Cafeteria working the Tuesday and Thursday breakfast and dinner shift. As you know, I am very considerate when it comes to serving my fellow peers, you. However, I haven’t received this credit in my recent evaluations. According to the Stevenson Towers Foodservice’s management I am a average employee. This is when I pose the question to you my fellow students; does an average employee greet you when you come to be served? Does an average employee work three shifts in a day? Does an average employee go out of her way to serve and make sure that the food line is running adequately? Also, does an average employee get you in and out of the line swiftly, as I do? Does an average employee work three jobs at the same time, as being a food-runner, a server and a condiments assistant? No, an average employee does not.

Furthermore, there are some truly good servers who care about their job and the students. However, to the management these employees should not be recognized when it comes to evaluations, due to the budget. The management is more concerned with the budget than with good quality service. I am asking for a good evaluation and I believe sincerely I deserve one. Moreover, I am also asking that the students speak up and stand behind the servers and those who care about their job. I wish to receive the true credit that is due to the people who actually care about their job and the quality of service that is rendered to the students. I am asking the students to support me and stand behind me in recognition of quality service rendered. I thank you and look forward to continuously serving you in the matter of excellence that you have received and deserve from me.

JoAnn Michelle Hubbard

Prelaw/Political Science