Northern Star announces new spring semester staff

By Jean Volz

Much like the changing of the guards in England, The Northern Star will be altering its staff for the spring semester.

Brian Slupski, senior history major, will be taking the reins as the Star’s new editor-in-chief in the coming semester.

Slupski’s qualifications for the post include both reporting and editing experiences.

He spent two semesters each at the positions of staff reporter and academic affairs reporter, in addition to a semester of higher education reporting.

Slupski joined the ranks of the editors in his junior year when he was assistant campus editor. This past semester, he was a member of the Star’s editorial board, holding the position of campus editor.

He will be combining his experience from all his reporting and editing duties when he heads the newspaper next semester.

Slupski said he hopes to make some changes and updates in the appearance of the Star, including incorporating more photographs with stories.

Slupski said, “The paper is more readable and student oriented now, and that is a direction I’d like to continue to take.”

Slupski will be assisted by the new managing editor, Jerry Lawrence, senior journalism/political science double major.

The editorial support staff Slupski and Lawrence will have consists of:

‘Jami Peterson, editorial editor

‘M. Robert Berg, city editor

‘Pete Schuh, campus editor

‘Wendy Arquilla, assistant campus editor

‘Markos Moulitsas, special projects editor

‘Gina Fanelli, features editor

‘Erin Gockman, office manager

‘Matt Kerlin, sports editor

‘Marc Brinkley, night news manager

‘Laura Whitman, production manager

‘Lisa Brown, photo editor

‘Tim Brynda, wire editor

‘Stacy Christiansen, layout editor

‘Laurie Wright, copy desk editor

‘Tom Kim, classified manager

‘Chuck Beano, advertising manager

‘Clork Jackson, payroll manager

‘Sean Parnell, billing manager

‘Jeremy Mains, circulation manger

Slupski said he hopes the Star will continue to provide news and information to the NIU community as it has in the past.