Endorsements: Bill Foster for the 14th District

Editorial Board

The Northern Star Editorial Board endorses Bill Foster as U.S. Congressman of the 14th District of Ill.

Although his opponent Randy Hultgren is also a strong candidate, we feel that Foster has already accomplished a lot in the district since being first elected in 2008.

With another term, Foster can continue to use his experience and inside knowledge to represent the people of the 14th District.

This is experience that will allow him to hit the ground running after the November election.

Throughout his time in office, Foster has also frequently gone beyond party lines and voted on legislation with his constituents’ best interest in mind regardless of the party attached.

This independent mindset is exactly what Congress needs and will help to unite Congress to work together for the greater good of the American people that it represents, rather than furthering its party’s agenda.

Foster has even kept NIU students’ interests in mind by working to make higher education more affordable and making textbooks available online.

As a businessman and scientist, Foster has expertise in topics that are invaluable to Congress as the United States continues to work toward economic recovery and job creation.

His background provides him real world experience and knowledge to pull from when voting on legislation.