Program to assist undecided majors

By Abraham Miller

Deciding on a major is no minor task, but a program set up by some resident assistants of Douglas Hall may help undecided students with the footwork.

The program is called “Major Decisions” and it will be from 7 to 9 p.m. next Monday in Douglas Hall’s C-cafeteria. All undergraduates, undecided or otherwise, are welcome to attend.

Sponsored by eight Douglas RAs, the goal of the program is to help undecided students by having representatives from the 18 departments of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the other colleges, like Business and the School of Nursing, available to them at one time.

Janet Carstens, an RA and junior special education major, said they are bringing the counselors to the students instead of vice-versa.

As to why they decided to run the program, Elizabeth Lara, an RA and junior elementary education major, said from being students as well as RAs, they understand students feel misguided in their choice of classes. Lara said the intent of the program is to inform students about all the facts of their possible majors.

Lara said she hoped students would come down and “get a scope of the majors that they’re interested in.” Carstens also held this view and mentioned the program’s three main objectives.

The first is to make residents more marketable in their future field of business. Secondly, the program should help the residents with exploration of career opportunities. Last, resources are to be made available for residents from representatives of their major or interest.

Philosophy Department Chair William Tolhurst will help advise undecided students at the program. He said figuring out what you want in life is one of the hardest decisions anyone has to make.

Of the 16,805 undergraduates enrolled at NIU, there are 1,619 students, or about 10 percent of the undergraduate population, who are undecided about their majors. It is at least this percentage of students that could use the extra information available during this event.