Fire damages residence hall

By Rick Moreci

A resident of Stevenson Towers North learned the lesson of carelessness the hard way.

A small fire broke out early Wednesday morning in a residential room on the sixth floor of STN.

At 12:13 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the DeKalb Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at STN. Two fire engines, one fire truck, one ambulance and 2 battalions vehicles, which consisted of a command vehicle and the assistant chief, were dispatched to the scene.

Jeremy Smith, the resident of room 687, located in the D Tower of STN, was said to have suffered $500 in damage due to the fire. According to fire officials, the kind of fire damage was caused by heat and water. According to Lt. Dave O’Donnell, the investigator for the DeKalb Fire Department, the cause was misuse of burning materials.

According to the report issued by the fire department, the fire was extinguished upon arrival by the residents of the tower. There were a total of eleven firefighters on scene. Tere were no injuries to either firefighters or residents of STN.

Smith apparently left a candle burning in the room unattended. According to the report released by the fire department, the candle burned and began melting down a computer keyboard, which subsequently began to burn the chair the keyboard was sitting on.

Another resident first smelled something burning and then saw the smoke in the hallway. This resident then extinguished the fire with a water pressure extinguisher. After that, he activated the fire alarm and all of the residents evacuated the building.

The damage caused by this fire was contained to just this one room. There was no structural damage to the building.

The fire department was on the scene for about 35 to 40 minutes. Personnel evacuated all of the smoke from the fire, secured the room where the fire occurred and investigated any further hazards that could have developed from the incident.