Opinion on life

I would like to voice my opinion on life through this original essay and statement that I made.

How can we tell that life is real? How do we define life? Do we define it as the ability for cells to make exact duplicates of DNA? Or is it the ability for us to breath oxygen from the air around us? Could it be the process in which plant cells convert sunlight into energy that processes carbon-dioxide into usable oxygen to sustain all life on Earth? Or is it defined by the light which nuclear fusion in the sun burns away the hydrogen atom that will last for trillions fo years? Or finally is it God, the God of all gods that produced the elements capable of an explosion, capable of forming sun, capable of producing light—that in turn would make plants to produce oxygen to sustain life. And that life by processing the oxygen that the plants have produced to be transferred into energy that can be transferred into movements and thinking processes that make man unique. But if this all was created from a general term we call life, then how can we support the theory that we exist? If all the natural processes have formed in such a way that makes us able to sustain life, then is it responsible for our way of thinking. Ways that separate us from all forms of life by a term called communication. And if beings are able to communicate, how can we have grown into beings that have learned to build values that separate from one another. Such that make us form groups. Such groups that make us form boundaries. And boundaries that we are willing to use our given power of knowledge and communication to work together to defend. And not just to defend, but willingness to hurt others of the same race. And to take such acts by using a process of life called thinking, to create weapons against one another. And among all, produce weapons that can be used to destroy us all! All from a being that breaths oxygen produced by plants, plants that take light from the sun, the sun which all works on a miracle called fusion, that was created by a Big Explosion from element created from the God of all gods! That is why life is not real to me!

Thomas John Millar