Neptune never looked so good


Freshman pre-optometry major Lindsay Johnson (right) and freshman pre-nursing major Brianna Frenzel have blended styles to decorate their room in Neptune Hall.

By Jack Baker

When Lindsay Johnson and Brianna Frenzel were still seniors in high school last Jan., they began to plan for their first dorm room.

“We went shopping every weekend,” Johnson said. “We weren’t looking for something but if we saw something we wanted for our room we would get it.” Together they spent countless hours and an estimated $5,000 on their Neptune room.

Although they planned for so long, Johnson, freshman pre-optometry major , and Frenzel, freshman pre-nursing major, were unsure of how it would turn out.

“We knew that we wanted a futon and carpet but we didn’t know it was going to turn out like this at all,” Johnson said. “Our dads came in and put the carpet down and brought the futon in and it all just kind of came together.”

The room came together as blend of each girl’s sense of style.

On one side is Lindsay’s lime green while Brianna’s hot pink fills the other. Zebra patterns are displayed prominently throughout the room in the sheets, pillows, curtains, and a table that was painted by Johnson’s dad.

The whole room is covered in a soft black carpet that was actually once one of the display carpets used at McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Johnson said.

“Our dads moved everything out and cut it to fit the room,” Frenzel said.

Both Johnson and Frenzel have left their own personal touches throughout the room, from all of their lime green and hot pink organizers to the large L and B zebra printed monograms that hang over each resident’s half of the room.

Johnson and Frenzel said they are both so proud of the room and actually like it better than their rooms at home.

“When we go home, there’s a huge difference,” Frenzel said. “This is what we wanted, my room at home is plain and boring and I miss this room so much.”