Committee to suggest revisions

By Lesley Rogers

The University Council will meet at 3 p.m. today in the Clara Sperling Skyroom of the Holmes Student Center to discuss changes in UC student representation.

University Council Committee C, the university affairs committee, is recommending revisions to the University Bylaws that would change the deadline for the Student Association to determine its UC student representatives.

The UC’s current deadline is April 15, which causes problems because students do not know their schedules yet. The amendment would change the date to Sept. 10, said UC Executive Secretary Curtiss Behrens.

“Committee C worked closely with the Student Association in drafting these Bylaws amendments,” Behrens said.

The later time frame would allow students to identify representatives the SA would know could attend all the meetings, he said.

“Everyone is very much appreciative of the difficulties and realities on a university campus. If we go to the Sept. 10 time frame hopefully that will make it more possible to have full-time representatives,” Behrens said.

Another issue to be discussed is an additional change to the Bylaws involving an amendment to allow library personnel procedures to comply with university rules.

The University Council Personnel Committee is recommending the wording in the Bylaws be changed to acknowledge the difference between university faculty and university library faculty.

“There is a component of the library that is faculty status. What they are expected to do is different from other university faculty,” Behrens said.

He said they are recommending adding “effectiveness of librarianship” as a criteria in addition to the generalized phrase “effectiveness of teaching” in the Bylaws.

“It is a housekeeping rule. It is not clearly stated that they are different. The faculty librarians are not always in the classroom to the extent of the typical faculty,” Behrens said.

He also said NIU President John La Tourette will discuss the recent Illinois Board of Higher Education meeting during his priority announcements.