Pass/Fail: Obama, McCain, Minnesota, Daniel Craig


Pass / Fail will appear in the Northern Star and grade those who made the news. A passing grade will be given to those who show true promise and a fail equals a braincramp.

PASS: President Elect-Obama and Senator John McCain

President-elect Obama and Sen. John McCain are awarded a passing grade for putting aside partisan politics.

After the election these tow leaders showed remarkable commitment to their office by meeting to discuss solutions to the country’s current problems.


FAIL: The State of Minnesota

The state of Minnesota receives a failing grade for ballot recount.

The state’s senatorial race is still being disputed as Democratic candidate Al Franken has asked that absentee ballots be counted in the state’s recount.

An attorney for Sen. Ron Coleman stated that Minnesota law only allows ballots cast in the election to be counted.

Let’s just hope this election can be resolved before inauguration day.

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PASS: Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig set a new record for the renowned James Bond series.

The film “Quantum of Solace” grossed 67.5 million dollars its opening weekend, the most of any Bond film

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