Sorry state

I have lived in DeKalb only since the fall semester began. I came here with the prospect of playing some music on the weekends and under the assumption that there would be bars in which to do so. But in the short time I have been here, I have concluded that this town and, in fact, this entire community is quite free of live bands. Now, I come from the Illinois Valley. Until recently, all I could do was complain of and make no use for the live music circuit there. However, after witnessing the way real musicians have been abandoned in DeKalb, Sycamore, etc., I have come to look forward to playing in LaSalle-Peru.

Of course, if a person (student or not) wants to go see a band, s/he has a choice: OTTO’s or Otto’s. First of all, the person must be 21 to get in and secondly, the fact that there is only one band is quite limiting, correct? If s/he doesn’t like the band there, too bad!

I suggest that this is a sorry state of affairs for the live entertainment business, especially in a college town. So, in case someone wants to book a band, the number is 753-3518

Steve Kaszynski