NIU fun, activities fall short in survey

By Tom Chadar

NIU failed to make it onto the top 300 list of the best colleges ever in a nationwide survey based on fun and activities criteria.

The survey was conducted by Inside Edge, a nationwide student magazine published in Cambridge, Mass., and distributed by Warner Publisher Services.

“NIU apparently is not on the top 300 list,” said Inside Edge’s Director of Public Relations, Josie Roth. “We have surveyed almost all nation schools.”

The criteria researchers used included party scene, attractiveness of female student body, ease of graduation, ease of classes, sports and athletic activities and campus location.

Florida State University made the top of the list. “With perfect weather, women and waves, Flo State is a full time party for its thirty thousand undergraduates,” described the Inside Edge.

One Illinois school, U of I at Urbana-Champaign, made it to the 19th position of the list. The university received 98 points for the bar and club scene—the highest rating nationwide. However, the campus location of U of I was rated at 22 points, the worst on the top-20 list.

The University of Chicago, which ranked on the very bottom at 300 was described as having “impossible classes, a freezing cold campus in the middle of a slum, and a student body with no athletic inclination, the University of Chicago is Inside Edge’s Worst Place to Go To School, Ever,” stated the magazine’s rating.

The top five schools on the list were Florida State, the University of California-Santa Barbara, the University of Vermont, Rice University and Syracuse University.

The five bottom losers, besides the University of Chicago, were the United States Military Academy, the Rochester Institute of Technology, John Hopkins University and the United States Naval Academy.