Homecoming holds variety of meanings

By Jennifer McCabe

Homecoming means different things to different people. It is the celebration of the football team, the alumni and the school.

“Homecoming means coming home, good times and associating with friends, past and present,” Scott Diamond, a junior marketing major said.

“It is a time when students can unwind and relax. However, it sucks because it is during midterms,” said Jason Castillo, freshman political science major.

Keith Brennan, a.k.a. Victor E. Huskie, said, “it means the school is coming together, a lot of school spirit, and having fun, as long as it is safe and school related.”

Homecoming is generally a time to meet new friends and welcome the alumni back to campus by the different activities NIU and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is sponsoring.

Jeremy Schultz, freshman elementary education and physical education major said, “I am going to as many different activities as I can. I also plan on going to the game and a lot of parties to forget about school.”

“I am going to paint the windows for a contest,” Castillo said.

“Well, I’m the mascot so I’ll be at Yell-Like-Hell, tailgating and the football game. I’m also going to a midnight volleyball game. Go Lambda Chi!” Brennan said.

Along with the activities CAB is sponsoring, many students are celebrating Homecoming in very traditional ways.

“Well, I’m a transfer student and last year I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and went to the bars at Purdue University. I’m going to do the same this year. I will go from the bars to tailgate, catch some sun, watch a great game, go home and take a nap, which is very important, and then go out again,” Diamond said.

Tony Przyszlak, junior computer science major agreed. “I had a blast last year. It was unforgettable, but I forget what I did. This year we will celebrate with a win and new enthusiasm. Actually, I will be with Scott (Diamond) all day. And that nap is very important. Even football players take naps after the game.”

“Well, last year I went to the game and I think I went to a party. This year I will probably do the same. I’ll go the football game, the Radiohead and Belly concert and party somewhere with my floor,” said Dana Motzenbecker, junior nursing major.

Kate Stocking, senior early childhood education major said, “Last year I went tailgating and to the football game. But I had to study for midterms. This year we will go tailgating, the football game and the bars.”

Her roommate, Karen Stamm, a senior HFR major agreed. “I had to study for midterms last year. This year we are having friends come up and party after the game and tailgating.”

There are some non-traditional ways to celebrate as well.

“I’m going to the Radiohead and Belly concert,” said Lynne Hetzel senior community health major.

“I’m going home. I haven’t been home since Labor Day and I miss my family. (Homecoming) really isn’t that important to me because my boyfriend doesn’t go here,” Cindy Warman, a sophomore accounting major said.

Most of the students like the Homecoming theme “The Wild, Wild West.”

Bridget Egan, sophomore nutrition major said, “It is cute. I saw the hats they were giving out and I’m going to go and get one.”

“I like it. It is appropriate for the football team. I hate that song, though!” Diamond said.

“It is great! It is good because of the “Cowboy,” and being in the Big West conference is very cool. But, they need to remember there is no ‘I’ in team,” Przyszlak said.

However, there are a couple of students who do not think it is appropriate.

“I think it is kink of self-centered because of LeShon (Johnson). Sure he’s a great football player, but he’s not the school. I don’t think it is that appropriate,” Castillo said.

Scultz agreed, “Everything is revolving around LeShon. There’s a whole team here.”

However, not everyone thinks Homecoming is important. Kevin Sandee, sophomore pre-computer science major said Homecoming is “no big deal.”