Hang your heads

The co-presidents of the LGBC should hide their heads in shame. Never have I heard two individuals in positions of responsibility for promoting gay, lesbian and bisexual issues, promote hiding in the closet and decisiveness amongst our community.

In the Oct. 11 edition of The Northern Star Kerri was quoted to have said: “Maybe it will help gays and lesbians decide whether or not to come out. If they’re out, it’s important to be in a career where they won’t be closeted.”

If lesbians and gays would have followed this philosophy, gays would still be truck drivers and elementary school teachers. [Before you get upset, I see these fields as legitimate occupations.] Without people who are willing to lead the way, we will never enter new fields. Someone has to take the risks of rejection to open the doors for others.

Which brings us to Brian’s quote. “We want it to be colorful, but not too extravagant or extreme. We won’t be up there dressed in our thongs or cross-dressed.” I personally know many cross-dressers and belong to an organization that uses their talents to raise money for many charitable organizations. We have raised over $3,000 for AIDS hospice in the last year. We also collect gifts for the “Toys for Tots” campaign every Christmas. How much has LGBC raised in the last year? Also, how dare you insinuate that cross-dressers are not good enough to ride on your float?

Check you homosexual history, Brian. You will find some interesting facts regarding present-day Gay/Lesbian Liberation Movement and cross-dressers. While the gays were running out the back door to elude the police, cross-dressers and lesbians were out front fighting off the police. They used whatever they could find, sticks, rocks and fists to protest the injustice of being persecuted for being who they were.

Yet here we are almost 25 years later and a person who should be promoting inclusiveness is being exclusive. I find your attitude parochial, somewhat homophobic.

My last comment is to congratulate you both on letting National “Coming Out” day pass without a whimper. Are you sure the two of you wouldn’t rather see us all back in the closet?

Eric James Homa

First year

Law student