Valentine’s Day brings out the sap


Maybe it’s the sight of so much red in February that makes me angry, or the fact that I’m single yet again on Valentine’s Day.

Many people get the ‘loneliness blues’ around Valentine’s Day simply because of the hype of togetherness. If there weren’t so many Kay Jewelry and romantic dinner commercials everywhere, people would just think Feb. 14 is any other day of the year. But when someone is constantly reminded of being alone, it proves difficult to do anything and not feel lonely, even watching TV. Some loners feel it’s more like D-Day than V-Day.

Others feel differently about it, though, like Stacy Avila, a psychology major .

“Some singles are bitter, but not me,” Avila said. “It’s a generic, girl holiday, so it’s not too important.”

Avila said she is single this Valentine’s Day, but still gets presents from friends and family.

It may only be because I’m bitter and alone that I have my apprehensions about this holiday, but just think about it: is Valentine’s Day necessary? Most married and non-wedded couples love each other enough to know they don’t have to devote a day to celebrating it.

“Valentine’s Day sometimes feels like a mandatory holiday,” Avila said. “Especially for guys.”

Love should be celebrated every day, regardless of what mood you’re in. Just because it’s Feb. 14 doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy something frivolous. Is a holiday centered around men getting “just the right thing” to make their girls happy really a holiday at all? Is it celebrating love or consumerism?

“Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on guys,” said Shannon Byrnes, a senior psychology major. “Guys feel like they have to get something simply because it’s a holiday.”

Byrnes feels most women don’t have to worry about buying anything and can simply receive presents.

If Byrnes didn’t have someone special on Valentine’s Day, she would probably “feel mopey, eat chocolates and watch ‘P.S. I Love You’ simply because I would feel like I needed someone,” she said.

Yeah, love is nice and should be celebrated, but that’s what Christmas is for. Spreading good cheer and loving your neighbor is already covered in December.

Plus, there’s no favoritism for those who are in a relationship.