Odd Girls’ meets social needs of members


Odd Girls is meeting the social needs of lesbian and bisexual women on NIU’s campus.

The group is designed to give lesbian and bisexual women an atmosphere where they can meet and talk.

Kerri Price, co-president of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC) and member of Odd Girls, said this group provides a more relaxed atmosphere than the dances sponsored by the LGBC.

“In the past it has seemed the dances haven’t attracted as many women,” Price said. “The dances are fun, but it’s hard to talk at them.”

Jill McLaughlin, a member of Odd Girls, said the group is a good way for lesbian and bisexual women to meet others like themselves and get together socially.

“We have a social purpose, rather than a critical one,” she said.

Price said Odd Girls is part of the LGBC, but it’s not SA funded and is more social than the LGBC. She said this year about 20 women showed up at the first meeting and most of them have attended the social events.

The group sponsors a potluck every month at University Resources for Women and there the members decide what other activities they would like to do.

McLaughlin said the group plans to go bowling this Friday and they have talked about going to Chicago or Madison to visit coffee houses. “The coffee houses usually have art displays or small concerts,” she added.

Price said the group doesn’t have formal meetings, but interested women can call the LGBC for information. “Since we’re a social group we just decide what we want to do and I call everyone,” she said.

Price said Odd Girls is carried over from last year’s Bisexuals and Lesbians United For Fun (BLUFF) group. She said this year the members decided to change the name to something a little more humorous.

BLUFF didn’t enjoy the same success Odd Girls is experiencing. Price said there were only about seven members last year compared to this year’s 20. Price is planning to put up fliers around campus to promote the group and hopefully recruit some more members.

Odd Girls is derived from a book published in the 1950s called “Odd Girls Out.” Price said the book was “a trashy drug store novel that dealt with lesbian themes.

“We wanted to be a little humorous and sarcastic,” She added. “We decided to drop the out because we didn’t want to discourage women who aren’t out.”

McLaughlin said the group is very positive. “It’s a way for lesbian and bisexual women to meet other people like themselves and not feel so isolated on campus,” she explained. “It’s especially nice for new people on campus who might feel like they’re the only one.”

Price said she would encourage women to join Odd Girls because it is a nice way for lesbian and bisexual women to meet and talk in a relaxed atmosphere. “It’s difficult to meet people at the dances so this is a nice way to meet other people,” she said.

McLaughlin said she joined the group so she could meet other people, expand her horizons and make some friends. “It gives me something to do rather than stay isolated,” she added. “It’s one way we can feel a part of NIU.”