Who’s that girl?

This letter is in response to an article published in The Northern Star on Oct 8. The article was “Park district to offer class to train aerobic teachers.” The Student Affairs Reporter should be commended on the article, very interesting and well written. There is something definitely missing though. Nothing comes to mind – let us explain.

For those of you who live in Grant Towers, the background of the photo presented with the article, may look a little familiar to you. It should. It was taken in the Lower Lounge under Grant North. You ask Who’s That Girl in the picture? Well, that can also be explained.

She is currently employed by the Tower of Power Gym/Better Bodies Aerobics. She has never worked for the DeKalb Park District and is wondering why her picture was placed with that particular picture used for purposes of promoting a workshop in which this instructor has nothing to do with? Maybe the people at The Northern Star can explain it.

There is nothing wrong with using a picture of our instructors or facility. The Northern Star is a newspaper that is supposed to give a factual description of events and/or stories, but in this particular case there was no mention of where, whom or what the picture entailed. The picture was used for an article about a program sponsored by the DeKalb Park District when in fact the picture depicts the aerobics program sponsored by Better Bodies Aerobics in the Grant Towers. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Julie Hodgson

>Lori Stephans

Kyo Mitchell

& Gym Staff