Projects’ update

By Chris Nelson

The end is in sight.

Patty Perkins, assistant to the vice president for Finance and Planning, said NIU’s construction projects are making progress and are on schedule.

Here’s the breakdown:

Parking Structure—”The precast (formed concrete slabs) work is about halfway complete,” Perkins said. When that’s finished in November, the project will be two-thirds complete. Finally, concrete will be poured.

Projected opening date is set for late April 1994.

Campus Life Building—Scheduled to open in July 1994.

Faraday II—”It’s huge,” Perkins said describing NIU’s new science building. Despite weather delays, the structure should be open for business in the fall of 1994.

Engineering Building—Construction has begun. Building to be opened in the fall of 1995.

Campus entrance—Gates to be located at the intersection of West Lincoln Highway and Castle Drive.

“We had hoped it would have been completed by Homecoming,” Perkins said. She said the project should be done in a month.

Lucinda Avenue project—While not exclusively an NIU project, Perkins said the road should be open for two-way traffic in early November.