Who is God?

You ask who is God? God is the “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Before him there was none and after him there won’t be any. He is truth and truth is him. He is the rock in a weary land.” He is the rock that I will build my house upon. He is my redeemer and my fortress, with God on my side whom shall I fear? You ask who is God? I say that God is. And as long as you recognize that, then you still have the chance to experience Him for yourself, but once you deny that He is, then you will be lost. You tell the world (or pare reading audience) that you aren’t sure who God is, I pray that once you have experienced His presence you are as eager to tell others who he is.

One may say that I answered this question with a page full of cliches from the bible, but you asked who God is, He tells you who he is in his own words.

Gregory Sally