Many jobs available to students around campus

By Rebecca Gerstner

The semester is just starting, but there are still many jobs available on or around campus for students.

“Annually, between 3300 and 3800 student employees are hired,” said Steve Cunningham, assistant vice president of admissions and human resources. As of today, over 2,700 student employee appointments have been processed, he said.

These jobs range in types from dining staff to clerical work, and are available for all students and those qualifying for work-study money.

One resource available to students searching for work is the Career Services center, located in Room 220 of the Campus Life Building.

“More students should know about Career Services throughout their education rather than just prior to graduation,” said Kathy Zuidema, employer relations specialist for Career Services.

Students can have their resume critiqued and search for jobs and internships at Career Services, yet most don’t think to stop by before graduation, she said. The staff can help students find jobs and internships early to prepare them in time for graduation.

While more jobs may open up throughout the semester, it is recommended to start a job search as soon as possible. On Lincoln Highway, Chipotle, Starbucks and Panda Express are already fully staffed, according to the managers of these establishments.

The best time to apply for a job is in early August, said DeKalb Target manager Kristin Perez.

Students looking for a job are encouraged to continually visit the NIU Human Resource Services Web site for job openings, said Celeste Latham, manager of student employment. If a student should need more assistance they can visit the Student Employment office, located in Swen Parson Hall across from the Bursar’s Office.

A complete posting of jobs available and resources to apply online can be found at