Scholars caddie for funds

By Kim Harris

A check for more than $5,000 was presented to the president of the United Way last night at the Evans Scholars House.

The money was raised from two golf tournaments that were held at the Kishwaukee Country Club last spring and early this fall. During the tournament last spring, golfers from around the area used Evans Scholars as caddies instead of using golf carts. The money the caddies collected for their services and their tips went to their donation to the United Way.

During this fall’s tournament, the scholars were used as scorekeepers and caddies and again their fees and tips went to their donation to the United Way.

NIU Housing Director Jack Felver, Evans Scholars adviser, said the Western Golf Association requires each chapter of the Evans Scholars to participate in some philanthropic event. Events are chosen, however, by each individual chapter.

“They can do a lot of things,” Felver said. “This time they did something that they already knew how to do.”

The Evans Scholars were founded by Chick Evans, who played golf as an amateur. Evans started the foundation with the money he won from tournaments.

According to Felver, scholars who belong to the foundation and receive scholarship money must caddie for three years prior to their entrance into the foundation. They must be in the upper quarter of their class and show financial need. Each caddie must also be nominated by the golf club they caddie at.

“The foundation is a way to give local caddies a chance to go to school,” Felver said.

Felver explained that the money generated for the scholarships comes from private contributors including golfers from various clubs and professional golfers. Proceeds from the Western Open also are given to the scholarship.

Felver said Evans Scholars has been an organization at NIU for about seven years. Evans Scholars have houses on 14 different campuses and there are more than 890 members on these various campuses.

According to Felver, Evans Scholars chose the United Way because of the contribution the United Way makes to DeKalb. The United Way funds more than 23 different charities in DeKalb and most of those charities benefit students.

“It is a way for the scholars to give something back to the people, because without the people the money would not be there for their scholarships,” Felver said.

He said he was very proud of the effort the scholars put forth because it was a complete group effort.

“The scholars are able to learn what it is like to give of themselves because that is how they were able to go to school,” Felver said. “Others gave of themselves so that the scholars were given a chance.”