College of Education

By Jake Miller

Last week Christine Sorensen, Dean of the College of Education, gave her pre-semester “All College Speech,” where she shared stories and news with the faculty and staff of the College of Education.

Among the news was the use of Teacher Work Samples, which the Department of Teaching and Learning Clinical Office has implemented to evaluate the performance of its teacher candidates in elementary and early childhood programs.

Included among many awards and acknowledgements, Sorensen recognized Department of Literacy Education professor Don Richgels, who was named a 2005 Presidential Research Professor. This award is the university’s highest recognition for outstanding research.

Wright Elementary School in Malta, which is in partnership with NIU, along with 10 other area schools, will receive computer donations for kindergarten classrooms. IBM has donated 16 units to NIU that will be dispersed among the partnership schools. The units resemble small work stations designed for children and come complete with everything from software to chairs. The computers will arrive within the next couple of weeks.