SA voting districts created for balance

By Matt Gilbert

One of the changes in the way the Student Association elections have been held in recent years is the creation of five distinct voting districts.

The SA implemented the district system in 1989 after complaints from students surfaced that stated representation in the SA was stacked in favor of Greek Row.

The system attempts to alleviate the problem by giving those students in other areas of the university the opportunity to vote for candidates who are familiar with their particular needs and concerns.

Students are not restricted to vote only for students in their district. They can vote for eight candidates from any district, but they should keep in mind that if there are vacant seats in their district and no candidates to fill them, the winner of the most votes from another district will get the seat.

That means their district (and their interests) may lose representation, and the balance of power in the SA will tip towards another district.

The districts are:

District one (John St.)

Includes the eastern portion of DeKalb divided at the Kishwaukee River plus all commuter students.

District two (Greek Row)

The area contained within the northern DeKalb border, Annie Glidden Road, Lucinda Avenue and the Kishwaukee River, but excluding University Plaza.

District three (West Apartments)

The area contained within the DeKalb west, south and north borders, with the east boundary running along the Kishwaukee River to Lucinda Avenue to Annie Glidden Road, excluding all residence halls.

District four (Towers)

Stevenson Towers, Grant Towers and Douglas Hall.

District five (Central)

Neptune Hall, Lincoln Hall, Gilbert Hall, University Plaza.