SA grants recognition to two

By Christopher Norman

The Student Association voted to recognize two organizations Sunday night in the Holmes Student Center’s Sky Room.

Robert Batey, a senator from District 3 and a sophomore political science major, expressed his concern over the SA becoming a “yes committee.” Batey was vocal throughout most of the meeting and, at the end, praised SA members for voicing their opinions.

The first measure passed was a bill to recognize Divine Expressions. The group is a Christian dance organization that said they use their talents to spread the word of Jesus Christ and to glorify God. The group has 12 active members and they plan to take part in talent shows, balls, dance workshops and volunteering.

Divine Expressions has no plans to use any SA funding, but wanted to take advantage of the ability to advertise through the SA.

Senators discuss recognition

Senators discussed why Divine Expressions needed to have recognition if it did not want to use any funding.

Kiarri Andrews, a senator from District 5 and a senior journalism major, said there is no problem with an organization becoming a member of the SA in order to publicize.

The SA also voted and passed a measure to recognize the Society of Hospitality Administration.

Amy Dyer, president of the Society of Hospitality Administration, spoke about her group’s request to become recognized. The society takes part in networking, event planning and community service in the restaurant and hotel industry. The society is a pre-professional organization with 29 members. Until now, the group has only been granted temporary recognition.

There was a slight disagreement between senators on how the society could benefit all students rather than just those in hospitality administration. The senators agreed that not all organizations cater to all students and that this organization could be useful to students in business and marketing as well.

The racquetball club also was on the agenda to become an SA organization, but the bill was tabled because representatives for the club were not present. The bill for the ice hockey club was referred to the Finance Committee.

The SA will meet next Sunday in the Sky Room at 6 p.m. The Residence Hall Association meets Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in Stevenson South.