Juice bar offers quick, healthy refreshment options

By Stephanie Kohl

Smoothies and other healthy treats are now available at the Campus Recreation Center.

A juice bar opened the first day of classes, offering students a variety of refreshments for before or after workouts.

The juice bar accepts cash and Huskie Bucks and offers students smoothies, Gatorade, fruits, vegetables and a healthy doughnut.

“The most popular item, after the smoothies, is a healthy doughnut,” said Karen Villano, Holmes Student Center food service director. “It’s a doughnut that has been enriched with vitamins.”

The juice used in the smoothies is all natural. In addition, students can add antioxidants, protein powders and vitamin supplements to their drinks.

However, the student response to the opening has been slow.

“People are just getting used to it,” said John Sweeney, director of Recreation Services. “But I think it looks good and has created a nice lounge area.”

The juice bar receives the most business on weekday afternoons, when the Rec Center is busiest.

“When the Rec [Center] is busy, we’re busy,” said Lauren Mangold, a senior public health major and employee of the juice bar. “I think it has just been slow to get started because people don’t know we’re here yet.”

The juice bar is the most recent grab ’n go dining option to pop up on campus, following the DuSable Dugout and a location in Barsema Hall. The HSC also is looking at the library as another possible location.

Students are encouraged to offer suggestions as to what they’d like to see on the menus, as well as where others should be located.

“Students have a voice in the community,” Villano said. “If they have an opinion as to where they’d like to see another grab ’n go built, they can make it known and I think it will be taken into consideration.”

A contest will soon take place that will offer students a chance to name the juice bar. Details will be available within the next few weeks.