Cash and LaLonde make sweet music together

The article entitled “The right lyrics for patriotism” was a well-written article by Paul LaLonde. I thought his points seemed to capture the heart of the article. He did a good job of pointing out today’s issues with the use of Johnny Cash lyrics.

First of all, I liked how Paul said the flag still waves on today despite hard times. I can plainly see where he is coming from. Right now we are going through the aftermath of one of the worst hurricanes this country has ever seen, and the flag still waves. I also enjoyed the article because Paul tells us to get over the fact that President Bush is in office and he isn’t going anywhere. I myself don’t like Bush, and probably never will, but I’m over it. If people don’t get over the fact that Bush is the president, how are we ever going to be a united country? Paul said it best – “The only thing that can bring us down is ourselves.” I strongly agree with Paul that the country is bringing itself down by not becoming the UNITED States.

I thought Paul’s and Cash’s words were touching and I hope everybody reads this article and tries to understand what is wrong with this country.

Brendyn Davis

Freshman, Business Major