Be fashionable without giving wrong ideas

By Kelly McCaradic

New Fashion trends are everywhere: magazines, media and even here at NIU.

When I first started college, T-shirts and flannel pants were the things to wear to class. It’s inevitable; times change, trends change and people do, too.

Lately, I’ve noticed that today’s fashion designers are trying to bring back past styles. For example, the horrible fashions of the 1980s. New designers put their twist on those horrendous fashions by combining them with more recent styles.

New/old trends such as the infamous miniskirt and too-small-tops that hang off the shoulders are just a couple. At least they haven’t tried to bring back Scrunchies.

So, now that the styles are back, I have to ask myself, “Are these new fashion trends giving men the wrong impression of the expression of women’s sexuality?”

Women of all ages are seeking out these new trends forgetting the way women are still viewed in today’s society.

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes at NIU are into these new retro fashion trends. Short skimpy skirts, small tight shirts, short shorts, all putting their goods out there for anyone to sneak a peek at.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion as much as the next woman, but I think showing a little can be more powerful than showing it all.

Dressing extremely provocatively can have a very negative effect.

Trying to keep my biases aside, men don’t always understand what women are trying to say with their style.

There is always one set of eyes that takes it too far. A woman may be thinking “I look great today, my cute miniskirt shows off my stellar legs, my new belly button ring matches my shirt and I have the perfect shoes to match.”

However, a guy may think she is dressed for easy access, or she’s trying to show she’s a party girl. He views her the wrong way, all because of her seemingly perfect outfit.

Women can be guilty of giving the wrong impression sometimes as well. As women, we should avoid wearing R-rated outfits to decrease the negative attention from both sexes.

Keeping up with today’s latest fashions seems to be very important to our generation. Whether it’s miniskirts and halter tops or long skirts, flip-flops and tank tops; we should pick our outfits and ask ourselves, “What is my outfit saying?” Then follow that up by a “Damn I look good.”

As long as all your goods are covered …

Dress in comfort but with a sexy flair and you’ll feel and look better than ever before.

Happy Fashion NIU.