Mayor levies fines, suspension on The Barn

By Andrew Schlesser

After a week of consideration, DeKalb Mayor Frank Van Buer announced the fines and suspension for The Barn on Monday.

The Barn, 1215 Blackhawk Road, is being fined $2,500 for allowing two minors to enter the bar area, not checking identification of minors and serving them alcohol.

In addition, The Barn’s liquor license will be suspended from Sept. 8 to 11 and again from Sept. 15 to 18.

The Barn will be prohibited from selling and delivering alcohol for the duration of those weekends but still can remain open as a restaurant.

In the matter of the possible suspension or revocation of The Barn’s Class E license because of the repeat offense of charging a cover, Van Buer ruled The Barn did not violate the section 38.24(e) of the DeKalb Municipal Code. The section deals specifically with Class E and Class E-E liquor license holders and the issue of charging a cover to enter those establishments.