NIU professor recognized by national society

By Grant Miller

An NIU faculty member was the recipient of a national award for excellence in human and family resources.

Mary Pritchard, NIU professor and the national president of Kappa Omicron Nu honor society, was awarded the society’s Adviser Award of Excellence. Pritchard has also been the adviser for NIU’s Omicron Beta Gamma chapter for the past 17 years and was the recipient of NIU’s top adviser award in 1990.

“I was nominated by my chapter here at Northern,” said Pritchard. “A committee at the national level then selected the nomination.”

The award of $500 was given to Pritchard in Arlington, Va. at the society’s biennial conclave. “I was very surprised to have been selected,” Pritchard said. “It’s always nice when students appreciate the work of faculty.”

NIU students share Pritchard’s pride.

“I was very proud of her. I thought she was very deserving of the award,” Wendy Laudermith, Kappa Omicron Nu president said. “She’s very dedicated and energetic; she really helps motivate people.”

Kappa Omicron Nu honor society has a worldwide membership of close to 90,000. The society’s purpose is to promote scholarship, leadership and research in the field of human and family resources.

“The field is important to improve the lives of individuals and families,” she said.

The society focuses on different topics at its biennial conclave. In the past it has focused on topics like ethics and writing.

“Kappa Omicron Nu is currently working on leadership within the field,” Pritchard said. “It’s good because it brings on another dimension to learning.”

The society’s focus is leadership; however, it has many other projects it is working on.

“We are now beginning work for the fall initiation of new members,” said Laudermith.

While the awards may be appreciated, Pritchard maintains it is her interest in students that she enjoys. “I like working with students inside and outside the university,” Pritchard said. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be working in a university.”