The House set to reopen soon

By Andrew Schlesser

Students and residents soon will be able to once again enjoy coffee and live local music at The House.

The House, 263 Lincoln Highway, was sold to associate music professor Fareed Haque, who is excited about reopening his favorite DeKalb hangout.

“I have a lot of experience in the music industry that I think will benefit the business,” Haque said.

The House is a restaurant that also hosts live shows for the local music community.

Mayor Greg Sparrow said he has been to The House many times and is glad it is reopening.

“I hope DeKalb goes out to support it,” Sparrow said. “It is another great establishment to have in downtown DeKalb.”

Haque being in contact with the student body as a professor at NIU increases the potential for The House’s success, Sparrow said.

Haque is still acquiring the proper licenses in order to open for business, but he plans to be up and running before the end of the semester, he said.

It is important students have a place to perform music in DeKalb, Haque said.

Haque co-founded the jam super-group Garaj Mahal in 2001.

He plans on having an event when The House reopens, but there will be a grand opening next August when school starts again, he said.

Haque will be a tremendous addition to the downtown DeKalb atmosphere, said Jennifer Groce, executive director of Main Street DeKalb.

“Fareed brings a great vibe to the university and is involved in a great music community,” Groce said. “That is something we need and is vital in our downtown environment.”