Reality TV must be put to an end

By Kimberly Marion

Celebrity reality shows have gone too far. Is it not enough that we have to see Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav kiss, argue and sing out of tune, but now we are able to get a glimpse into Bobby Brown’s crazy life and career? What career?

The Bravo channel, the same wonderful channel that brought us “Growing up Gotti,” has been filming Bobby Brown. The show will let us see his life from a different point of view, according to

Is not this the same man who said it was his prerogative? And what makes him think the American public truly cares about seeing him going in and out of court? What he will reveal in his reality show is nothing new to what has been reported in the news multiple times.

Tommy Lee also has his own reality television show coming out this summer titled “Tommy Lee Goes to College.” But much of the University of Nebraska campus is not thrilled about having him due to his bad-boy behavior, according to

What is interesting about the idea of Tommy Lee at college is that he does not even have a high school diploma. The actual title of Tommy Lee’s show should be “Tommy Lee Gets His GED.”

Reality television has got to stop. The shows are becoming more absurd. It is becoming more clear that if you are a celebrity has-been, all you have to do is go on a reality television show and there will be some revival in your career. Or so the celebrities hope.

Everyone knows what network is facilitating such horrible, but oddly catchy television programming – VH1. The channel is just like MTV. Instead of playing music videos, VH1 has created programming called “Celebreality,” which allows celebrities to exploit themselves and lose most, if not all, of their integrity.

I can deal with everyday people doing reality shows because it is a way to receive attention and 15 minutes of fame. But when celebrities are searching for 15 minutes, it looks more desperate and pathetic. If they are not able to save their careers, they should at least keep their dignity.

What is even more interesting is these shows are receiving more-than-decent ratings. So what does that say about the people who watch these televisions shows? I know exactly what it says.

Often celebrities are held high on pedestals. Once they fall, there is something within us that says, “If that were me, I could do better.” In an odd way the degradation of a celebrity makes us “everyday” people feel good about ourselves.

As we constantly look at these celebrities and judge, we need to look at ourselves, as well. Every time you watch a celebrity lose a piece of his or her dignity on a reality show, you lose a piece of dignity as well.

Columns reflect the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of the Northern Star staff.