Charges filed against area bar

By Jami Peterson and Sabyrna Cornish

Charges are being filed against a DeKalb bar that allegedly served alcohol to a minor who later died in a traffic accident.

McCabe’s Night Club, 323 E. Lincoln Hwy., will be charged in the June 11 incident where it allegedly let Stacey Krusbe,19, DeKalb, into its bar without a parent or legal guardian.

Krusbe was killed in a traffic accident later that night.

In a press release issued by DeKalb Police Chief Don Berke, he stated, “Based upon an investigation undertaken by the DeKalb Police Department, and in consultation with City Attorney Ron Matekaitis, charges will be filed against McCabe’s with the Liquor Commissioner regarding the presence of minors inside the bar on or about June 11 and the consumption of alcohol by such persons.”

Formal charges will be filed early this week and a hearing probably will be scheduled in late July.

Matekaitis said the bar can receive a maximum fine of $500 and its license can be suspended or revoked.

DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow, who also is the liquor commissioner, said he cannot comment on the case because if charges are filed, he will have to decide the case.

Brent A. Tyrrell was arrested earlier and charged with furnishing liquor to Krusbe. Authorities say Krusbe was given beer behind Andy’s Lounge, 317 E. Lincoln Hwy., and later entered McCabe’s Night Club. No charges have been filed against Andy’s Lounge. On the night of the accident, police followed Krusbe and Tyrrell’s car when a deputy saw Tyrrell skid to a stop behind Krusbe’s car.

The deputy claims the two pulled away on Route 64 after reaching speeds of about 70 to 75 mph.

Mufid Saleh, owner and manager of McCabe’s, previously said any charges would be “unfair” because witnesses saw Krusbe attempt to get into the bar at about 10:30 p.m. and get rejected. Saleh said, “I feel sorry for the girl and her parents for losing their daughter.” However, he added, “This has really gotten too out of hand. We’re really taking all of the blame for it.”

This is the second bar to have charges filed against it in a month. Paradise Club was cited earlier and given a week suspension for allowing a 15-year-old girl to remain in the bar. The suspension ended Monday.