FS elects new president, addresses parking permits

By Matt Gronlund

The Faculty Senate elected Curtiss Behrens senate president and executive secretary of the University Council at last Wednesday’s meeting.

The Faculty Senate acts as the official faculty voice to the University Council and the administration.

The University Council establishes academic policies, forms committees and advises the administration.

Behrens, an assistant professor of management, beat out Charles Larsen and Sherman Stanage for the position.

If he is given the OK by the University Council, Behrens will take over for Norman Magden who is leaving NIU for the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

“It’s a humbling responsibility,” Behrens said. “It’s an honor and a very important responsibility.”

Behrens added that he was not expecting the nomination for faculty president.

“He (Behrens) has the ability to relate to the bodies that are external to the university and that is an important consideration.” said Linda Sons, University Council member and professor of mathematical sciences.

“He has been on the council for the past year, and he has done good work the past year,” Sons said. “I’m pleased he was elected, and I will support him.”

The Faculty Senate also passed a resolution put forth by art professor Gordon Dorn to postpone a Parking Committee resolution to allow graduate assistants to park in blue faculty parking lots.

The resolution will now go to NIU President John La Tourette for approval.

If the Parking Committee’s resolution is passed, graduate assistants will be able to purchase blue parking permits for $50. However, graduate assistants would still have the option of purchasing a student permit for $35.

The green permit parking lots graduate assistants now use would be converted into blue faculty lots.

Jim Lauer, associate professor of operations management and information systems and Parking Committee member, said he felt it was right for the graduate assistants to be able to use the spots.

“If it’s the right thing to do, then anytime is the right time,” said Lauer in response to suggestions that the Parking Committee resolution be postponed and researched further.

Dorn said he felt the issue has not been researched enough and that good decision making on parking issues have not been made at NIU since his arrival at the university in the late sixties.

“He (Behrens) has the ability to relate to the bodies that are external to the university and that is an important consideration.”

Linda Sons, University Council member