Fraternity presents award to Illinois attorney general

By Rob Heselbarth

Illinois Attorney General and probable 1994 gubernatorial candidate Rolland Burris received the Alpha Golden Sphinx Honor award Saturday from NIU’s Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Alpha Phi Alpha held its annual Golden Image Awards to honor members of the fraternity and the NIU community who have positively contributed to the community.

Burris received the award for outstanding work in Illinois communities and the country.

Burris was elected Illinois comptroller in 1978 and became the attorney general in 1990.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be honored by the young Alpha men and the future leaders of tomorrow,” Burris said. “Thank you for recognizing me.”

“It’s always good to come back on campuses to see all the young faces,” he said. “It’s my way of trying to stay young.”

Burris concluded his acceptance speech by urging the Alpha Phi Alpha members to continue to make a difference in the NIU community and the country.

“It’s not only great to be honored by the young generation, but to be honored by young members of your own fraternity is really meaningful,” he said.

“I joined the Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at (Southern Illinois University) in 1956,” he said. “To go back almost 40 years and be remembered by your brothers is great.”

In a taping of a WMAQ radio talk show Saturday morning, Burris said he will be a candidate for Ilinois governor in the 1994 election.

“We are still working out the details for our platform,” he said. “I will fully launch my campaign no later than Aug. 3.”

Other members of the fraternity and the community were honored with other awards.

The Distinctive Pharaoh award was given to Richard Baker, president of the NIU chapter of the NAACP.

Collin Halliman, vice president of Alpha Phi Alpha, was given the Alpha Phi Alpha Best Brother award.

The award for the Most Positive Racial Atmosphere was given to Judd Baker, director of the Holmes Student Center.