Very narrow concept

Kevin Lyons, in your brilliant column last Wednesday on “Love,” you informed us that you dutifully read the Bible. Why, if you read the Bible everyday, you must automatically be an authority on morality and love! What I’m wondering is, do you ever read anything besides the Bible?

I pity a person like you who lives with such a narrow concept of what love is. Men who beat their wives say they love them. Parents who abuse their children physically, emotionally, and sexually say they love them. Do you blindly accept their assertions on the basis that they are (at least outwardly) heterosexual? And since you don’t believe that my sexual orientation is unchangeable, you most likely expect me to seek a heterosexual relationship, ultimately marriage. So I could go out, find a boyfriend, even tie the ‘old knot. I’d be miserable, and so would my husband, since I wouldn’t truly be capable of being romantically involved with him. Sure sounds like love to me! Ahhh! Almost anything, according to Kevin the Cupid’s guide to love, would be better than a same-sex relationship, even though lesbians have more stable, enduring relationships than either heterosexuals or gay men. Pretty amazing considering all of the crap we have to put up with.

The cartoon accompanying your editorial reinforced the shallow and ignorant nature of your opinions—that homo/bisexuality is directly related to irresponsible behavior such as drug abuse and “poodle smuggling.” The point that all you homophobes fail to see is that les/bi/gays aren’t hurting anyone. Why are you going so far out of your way to condemn us? We all know the story—we’re headed straight (no pun intended) to hell, even if we were born this way, blah, blah, blah… And now, your talk has grown tiresome. Either do some consciousness raising or quit spouting your ignorance in the Star.

And by the way, it’s well known that the most adamantly homophobic, heterosexist people are uncomfortable and uncertain about their own sexuality. If you’re wondering who’s available, how about Michael McVey? You two would make a dazzling couple.



Co-president of the LGBC