Sixth Ward candidate withdraws

By Michael Berg

Sixth Ward aldermanic candidate Robbie Arrington withdrew from the election Wednesday, leaving two candidates to campaign for the position.

In a letter to The Northern Star, Arrington wrote, “Due to personal reasons, and conflicts in time between my job and the position, I have decided to withdraw from the election.”

Arrington, general manager for Mason Properties, had not been at either of the two recent 6th Ward aldermanic debates, one sponsored by the League of Women Voters on March 31 and the other sponsored by the Student Association on April 12.

However, DeKalb City Clerk Peggy Hoyt said Arrington’s withdrawal was not important. “It doesn’t do any good for him to withdraw,” she said. “He’s still on the ballot.”

Arrington has been a DeKalb resident for eight years. He graduated from NIU in 1989 with a degree in political science and an emphasis in public law.

In his letter, Arrington said he hopes to keep in touch with either Brad Strauss or Kevin “K.O.” Johnson, whomever wins the election.

Arrington said he would like to discuss some issues that concern him with the two candidates. “I think there is a lot of progress that can evolve between landlord-tenant relationships,” he said. “I feel that Mr. Strauss or Mr. Johnson should address the issue directly and quickly.”

The west side fire station issue and communication with landlords are issues Arrington said he also is concerned with. “I will pledge to remain active in the ward and the city,” he said.

The two candidates still running are both NIU students. Strauss is a political science major at NIU and plans to go into NIU’s public administration program. Johnson is a senior marketing major at NIU. They are competing for the seat left vacant by Jamie Pennington, who decided not to run for re-election. The election is next Tuesday, April 20.

The 6th Ward includes Lincoln, Neptune and Gilbert Residence Halls, as well as some off-campus apartments.