To L.A. wth love

By Casey Toner

In two weeks, Northern Star writer Greg Feltes and Northern Star cartoonist Kristen Henschen will fly to Los Angeles for what could be the most important five minutes of their lives.

“People Places Things” is the name of an animated sitcom the pair co-created; it’s a “witty” comedy about six jerks, Henschen said.

“There are lots of unusual situations normal people wouldn’t get into. Some of them are wacky,” Henschen said.

Well, it wasn’t written originally as an animated piece. It originally existed as a conventional sitcom but soon changed formats when Feltes, who claims to read the Internet religiously, stumbled upon a FOX promotion — Pitch-O-Rama.

Unfortunately, Feltes thought his drawings, or lack thereof, were inadequate for the proposal.

“I could have drawn stick figures and sent that in,” Feltes said, bashfully, “but I couldn’t even get that done.”

So Feltes looked to the Northern Star comics for a cartoonist to flesh out his script.

“I thought ‘Kio’s Kaos’ was the most professionally- drawn comic in the Northern Star. I called Kristen up, she did the sketches in about a half an hour, and I think it turned out really well,” Feltes said.

FOX was looking for a new animated sitcom and was accepting submissions. The creators of the top 100 submissions were invited to Los Angeles to pitch the idea, but no guarantees are made by FOX, and the selected 100 are required to pay for travel expenses.

The only guarantee is that Feltes and Henschen get five taxing minutes to pitch the sitcom.

“We only get five minutes to pitch, so it will only be the most important 300 seconds in my entire life,” Feltes said. “And if it doesn’t go well, I’m going to get back on a plane for four hours and it’s going to be very depressing.”

Feltes and Henschen will leave Dec. 5 and they will pitch the sitcom in Los Angeles on Dec. 6.