Tugs takes teamwork

I am so embarrassed. Last Monday, I presented an Elvis clue and I told you, the reader, to go there at 3 p.m. to claim a prize. It turned out that the contest is a part of Springfest, which is this week. So, I apologize to the people who stood at the gargoyle last week, waiting for Elvis. I was told that you still will receive a prize.

Anyway, read my column this week for a chance to win. Here’s clue Elvis number one-b: Go to the place where you can find info about the time, temperature and upcoming events. Confused? Maybe a game of basketball will help you think. The first ten people there at 3 p.m. today will win. Now, on with today’s column …

A few months ago, while I still had cable TV, I used to watch this one sports show on MTV. I can’t remember what it’s called, but the show is about nutty people doing crazy stuff like rollerblading, skiing and surfing.

It’s really fun—you get to sit in front of the TV, watching people do athletic things. That way, you feel pretty good about yourself; it’s almost as if you are doing these dangerous stunts. Heart rates rise and adrenaline pumps as some guy on a skateboard wisps past the camera.

There is one high-intensity sport that I never saw on the show. The sport is exciting, fast-paced, glamorous and rewarding. The participants are gladiators, fighting for honor. The teams are well-disciplined, coordinated, dedicated and brilliant. And, this sport can be seen on campus this week. What is it? Tugs, of course.

Tugs is an annual event on Greek Row that captures the hearts and minds of young and old alike. Poets, dreamers and alcoholics have all been inspired by tugs. To be exact, tugs is a glorified game of tug-of-war between fraternities.

Why in the world would I be writing about this? Several reasons … Although I am not a greek, I have several, I mean, two friends who are in a club with weird letters. They told me that greeks have gotten some bad press from this newspaper in the past, so I’d like to shed some light on the positives of life on Hillcrest and Greenbrier. Also, a CNN poll has revealed that my ratings are way down among greek readers. And, oh yeah, I couldn’t think of anything else to write about.

Anyway, the whole concept of tugs leads one to ask … Is it wrong for grown men to tape themselves up and yank a rope, grunting the whole time? Is it wrong for a man to shave his arm hair as a sign of manliness? I think not.

As silly as it may seem, a competition like tugs is just what this country needs. It takes teamwork and dedication to win. It takes a group of guys to overcome their hangovers and laziness to strive for a mutual goal. Lord knows, if you can’t do anything else, you might as well pull a rope.

Oops, I almost got sarcastic there. Tugs is good. Tugs is good. Maybe the MTV camera crew will be on Greek Row this week to film these happenings. Then again, maybe not.