Service sorority aids community


Okay. Here’s the uestion: Which NIU sorority has only five members, is a service sorority and is this week’s House of the Week?

Give up?

The answer is … Delta Sigma Theta.

This week’s House of the Week is a service sorority which donates time and money to charities in the local community and nation-wide.

“We are known for and have been recognized and awarded for our contribution to public service,” said Deanna Hall, Delta Sigma Theta member.

The local chapter has helped the DeKalb community by holding several fundraisers.

One such example is the fourth annual walk-a-thon the sorority hosted last semester.

“We raised over $800 this year and donated the money to the New Hope Baptist Church building fund,” Hall said.

Another way in which Delta Sigma Theta aids the community is by offering an annual scholarship to a female minority student who has at least a 3.0 grade point average. The recipient of the scholarship also must be of at least sophomore standing, involved in the community and have leadership abilities, Hall said.

A scholarship also is given to a male minority student with the same qualifications.

The recipient of this award also receives the title of Educated Black Outstanding Noble Young Man of the year (EBONY).

In addition, the national sorority of Delta Sigma Theta aids School America, in which members of the sorority read to nursery school children.

all said the main goal of this program is to prevent illiteracy throughout the country.

The national sorority also dedicates its time to single mothers with young sons.

“We help the mothers with their boys by teaching the children things like respect,” Hall said. “Being a single mother is hard.”

The national association takes part in a program called Habitats for Humanity, as well. This program is a Christian organization which rehabilitates old homes so the homeless have a place to stay.

One of Delta Sigma Theta’s biggest projects is a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

The tribute involves a commemorative ceremony in which leaders of the student organization speak to honor the civil rights leader.

The ceremony takes place annually after King’s birthday.

This week, NIU’s chapter of Delta Sigma Theta has combined their 25th anniversary and their national sorority’s 80th anniversary celebrations by staffing information tables and hosting fundraisers.

The week-long commemoration began Monday with a table set up in DuSable Hall. The table included information on the Children’s Home and Aid Society.

On Tuesday the members of the sorority offered literature to students on co-op services.

Delta Sigma Theta members distributed brochures Wednesday and handed out condoms to promote safe sex.

Additionally, the sorority put on a physique show Last Thursday in the Music Building. The contestants involved in the show modeled outfits in different categories, such as swimwear and formal wear.

Tonight from 10 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. there will be a Silver Anniversary party in the Regency Room of the Holmes Student Center.

Hall said because NIU’s chapter only has five members, it is difficult to carry out a lot of the special projects. However, the sorority manages.

“It’s harder, as far as getting work done, but we just start planning a lot sooner,” Hall said. “The members continue to work hard for their sorority.”

The national chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was founded in 1913 by 22 women who sought to contribute to human welfare through public service.

NIU’s chapter of the sorority was founded in 1968 by women who felt there was a need for NIU to have a public service sorority.

Delta Sigma Theta is the largest black sorority and was the first public service sorority created.

Hall said there are several advantages to being a member of Delta Sigma Theta.

“The biggest advantage is it builds sisterhood, helps you to understand different people and to learn to love them and work with them,” she said.

all also noted that, being a Christian sorority, Delta Sigma Theta has helped her religiously.

Being a member of the Delta Sigma Theta family is not only hard work for charity. There are several good times to be had.

“We usually go to someone’s house and have a good time talking and stuff like that,” Hall said.