Students ready to party

By Peter Boskey

To many children, Halloween is a fun time of dressing up, carving pumpkins (or smashing them if you are a delinquent) and trick-or-treating. As we grow up and become respectable, highly-educated individuals, we obviously find different forms of entertainment to find Halloween fun.

“In college, Halloween is all about drinking,” says Brian Bozinovich, a senior German translation and business major. “College students will use any occasion as an excuse to drink. Halloween is definitely one of them.”

Yes, it seems that Halloween means parties on campus. And lots of them. Whether students live in the residence halls, fraternity houses or apartments, the consensus seems to be that everyone is throwing parties.

“I have two costume parties I am supposed to spin at over the weekend,” says Scott Caruso, a 21-year-old DeKalb resident and disc jockey. “Halloween is always busy, but fun.”

While many students will be spending Halloween with their friends in DeKalb, some are venturing away to find different things to do besides “getting wasted.”

“We’re going to Energy Thursday [Nite Dance Club] in Melrose Park,” says Alan Yung, a freshman computer science major. “I know a guy that is doing a fire show there. It should be awesome.”

Obviously, students will find a variety of entertainment that suits them best, however, some students will not be entertained at all.

“I’ll be studying my butt off,” says Christine Zvanet, a junior accounting major. “These accounting classes are taking up so much time that I won’t have any time to find a costume and go out.”

The central theme seems to be that most students will try to have fun. No matter what you do this Halloween, make safety a priority.Star File photo

Trick-or-treating is still an area tradition.