Programs are meant for all

Racial Awareness was a topic that was brought to my attention earlier this semester. I have attended many discussion panels and forums and found that a large majority of these events whose purpose is to promote awareness are failing to attract their intended audiences. For example, earlier last semester there was a forum that the Minority Relations Committee and N.A.T.I.O.N.S. sponsored, the issue was whether or not the names of the Pow Wow and Blackhawk cafeterias should be changed. The whole idea of the forum was to give the Native American students a chance to explain why they felt the names of those cafeterias were offensive. This was a good plan in trying to educate students; however, the majority of the audience was made up of Native American students, and they were already aware of Native American culture and why the names were considered offensive.

If we want to promote racial awareness we must focus on our personal lives. We as individuals must take the initiative, and learn to be more aware of each other. There are programs and activities being offered; now we must choose if we want to accept the invitation. Prejudice lies within all of us, we must combat prejudice; let us start today. The Center for Black Studies is having an open house today from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. for all who are interested in seeing how the CBS operates. The Center for Black Studies is located at Kishwaukee Hall. The Black Heritage Month Committee has several events through the month of February celebrating Black Heritage Month. Also Women’s History Month will take place in March and Latino and Asian American Month will proceed in April. Let’s open our hearts, open our minds and learn about each other.